Need Sonex Specific Time For Insurance

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Re: Need Sonex Specific Time For Insurance

Postby lutorm » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:53 pm

One solution might be to buy a flying Sonex, if you have a CFI willing to instruct in it. Then you can get as much instruction as you or the insurance company wants and then sell it to another Sonex builder... as long as the insurance company is willing to at least offer insurance for dual instruction.
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Re: Need Sonex Specific Time For Insurance

Postby Speed » Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:16 am

I purchased my Sonex in Sep '15; I had Zero Sonex flight-time and had liability only (AOPA) for first year at about $700. Second year I added hull coverage for $25k hull (with only 20 Sonex flight hours) for only about $50 more. My wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 TNB cancer the week after I flew the Sonex home, so I've had very little time to fly. I logged 2 hours back in October '16 and then none until last weekend. AOPA wanted me to get five hours with a CFI having 25 hours in type due to not flying this past year. I told them the EAA LODA list shows no such CFI exists (who have a LODA). So we negotiated a solution: I get 3 hours PIC on my own prior to current coverage expiring and they charge me $90 more. A no-brainer! So, I got my BFR last Saturday and flew my Sonex on Sunday and Monday logging over 3 hours in my plane (which was great, BTW...I really enjoy flying it and the Corvair ran smooth as silk). Moral of my story: take liability if that's all you can do. Then, build time and get hull coverage when possible. And, don't hesitate to negotiate. Cheers, Speed
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